See how we increased Haus Design’s website speed by 910.9%

Haus Design ( is a premier branding agency in Ohio. And with a reputation like they currently have, they’re never in shortage of traffic to their website.

You can tell that they’ve put a lot of work, not only into making it look great for their audience, but also to maximize conversions.

However, as everyone knows how important of a factor site speed is to conversions, this is one area where they could improve.

Haus Design’s website was loading in 3-5 seconds on average when using standard website speed testing tools like Pingdom or GTmetrix.

In one of the random tests that we ran using Pingdom, we saw that the website loaded in 3.7 seconds. Here’s a screenshot of that result:

Some things to note from the results of our tests:

  • The page is quite light and simple in design and functionality, which is the reason why we don’t see that many errors, which is also good.
  • We see some caching improvements that can be made. Notice the recommendation “Leverage browser caching.”
  • For a page of this [light]weight, it shouldn’t be loading in almost 4 seconds, which is slower than 44% of most websites.
  • The main culprit in the slow speed score was the website’s time to first byte.

So we did some code hacking and used a CDN to speed up the website considerably. We also fixed the “Leverage browser caching” error that we saw above.

One thing that we only partially corrected was the “Remove query strings from static resources” error because most of the URLs with query strings were Adobe Typekit resources.

And after making all of our changes, we were able to more than double and triple the site speed, as verified using the same tool (Pingdom) and even testing it from multiple locations. now loads in under 1 second and many times under half a second. In addition, it is now faster than most websites on the planet. Here are the results of our work:

Test Location: Dallas, Texas

The website loads under 1 second, 838 milliseconds to be exact. In addition, the site has a near perfect score on Pingdom of 96.

No major changes were made on the website, just some backend optimization.

Test Location: New York City, New York


This test location yielded the best results for us. More than half the time, we saw the website load in under half a second. Here, you can see that it loads in 366 milliseconds. That’s some serious speed.

Test Location: San Jose, California


Here is our last US-based test location. And again, it loads under one second. The entire homepage takes only 676 milliseconds to load. Notice how all of these tests were done back-to-back.

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